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Michel Majerus – Next Step

a film by

 Anne Schiltz

59 minutes

 © Samsa Film 2021

Not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the young Luxembourgish painter Michel Majerus moves to the German metropolis and starts contributing to its thriving arts scene. His complex and often unusually large-sized artworks, which carry references to Pop culture, comics, advertising and art history, don't go unnoticed. He quickly succeeds in making a name for himself at an international level. In 2002, however, just as his blooming career is at its peak, the 35-year-old artist tragically dies in a plane crash.
"Michel Majerus – Next Step" recalls the life and career of this prolific painter and raises the question of how the work of an artist can be adequately kept alive after their early death.

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